10 Tips for Promoting your business website.

Now that your website is up and running and optimized by new web sites.com, it is time to increase the visitor numbers to your site.
We will have already taken the first steps by advertising your business web site in relevant business directories and we will have setup your Twitter and Facebook fan page with links from and to your website.

For you as the business owner it is now your responsibility to ensure that you can provide fresh content for you website and promote your business using Internet media.

Use the following ten steps as a starting point for ideas for promoting your website and increasing your business traffic customers and therefore sales.

10 Steps to promote your business website.

1. Ensure that your website address (URL) is printed on any new business stationary.
This includes business cards, headed paper, emails, and any printed publications that you produce.

2. Add your website address to your businesses signs.
If you have shop front or business premises signs, ensure that your web address is added to these, in many cases a web site address is easier to remember than a telephone number.
Add the URL to any vehicle sign writing your business cards and emails that you send.

3. Send out periodic newsletters.
Many companies already produce a monthly newsletter or report.
Your company news letter could be about new products or services, innovations in your industry or information about using business, including maintenance advice, updates or upgrades etc.
We can easily help you to create an electronic version of your newsletter to send your customers.
New web sites.com can help you to create email newsletters and organize campaigns for distribution to your customers and email shots.

4. Pictures and imagery.
Images are powerful selling tools. You can use image of products, people, premises or anything that is related to your business. Images should be good quality and to the point.
Speak to us for help and advice when deciding on which image to add to your website.

5. Create events.
An event be anything from the launch of a new product and notification of discount sales to an open day or news that your or your staff are taking part in a charity run.
Events can put your business in front of thousands of new prospects and give you a community presence in your area or on the Internet.

6. Writing Articles.
Create articles about your products or services and particularly about your business and your way of doing things. That is your USP (Unique Selling Point).
This is where you tell your audience what it is that sets you ahead of your competition.
These can then be submitted these to article directories that customers like to visit when carrying out research prior to making purchases.
New-web-sites.com uses various third parties to produce articles that sell your business products and services, and are written to be self promoting on the Internet and attractive to customers.

7. Get leads.
Usually your website will have at least one contact form.
We can use those contact forms to generate qualified leads as only interested customers will fill them in.
One way to get leads is to offer the customer something in return for filling in a contact form, this is usually a report or more product details, a quote or even a voucher.
Also do not give out your business cards or printed material to anyone without first getting their name, email address or telephone number.

8. Monitor you email info mailbox.
The info@yourdomain.com mailbox is where New-websites.com sends details from your website contact forms. Ensure that you monitor this inbox so you are not missing potential customers.
We can forward the details from the contact form to several email addresses and setup notification to your regular email address so that you can see these message immediately.

9. Refresh the front page frequently.
There is usually a static front page on your website, this is your “Internet shop front” where you describe your business offerings.
We recommend that this front page is updated periodically so your business website is keep looking fresh.

10. Monitor your web site statistics.
We will provide you with the tools and knowledge so that you can check on the visitor numbers too your website. This way you can see trends and react to your customer’s mood.
We will also teach you how to check on your competition too so that you can always stay in the race.

We are more that just a website building company.
New web sites.com is more than just a web building company. We want you to use your website to promote your business without getting you bogged down with all the technical intricacy and having to learn how to put it all together.
Speak to us before you build your website so we can help you plan design and more importantly, direct your website towards your customer’s tastes and expectations.

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