About New Web Sites.com
New web sites in a small company based in Watford, Hertfordshire and create especially to help small business realise the potential of gaining customers using Websites and web based technology.
 We are a team of team 3 people that work with support from various international companies which we use to provide our unique Internet business service to small businesses at an incredibility low entry price.
We provide the technical and logistical know how to them you to quickly create a business website that works.
This means setting up and configuring the content management system to suit you  the business owner by providing bespoke services such as training and documentation for staff, and helping you understand how to use the Internet intelligently to promote  your business.
Speak to Us .
You can speak to us about your plans or ideas for creating, managing, or updating your website.  We provide a free 1 hour consolation at you r premises to discuss your business and how you can increase your business turnover with an Internet business  plan or a  New web site .

About the Owner.
Charles, The  Managing director of New Web Sites.com is an IT security analyst with 15 year of experience in the field and a creative and inspiring personality that manage to provide our customers with constantly fresh Website and strategies by helping them realise the real potential of their businesses website.

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Charles London.

Contact Details
Mobile :- 07092 029643
Fax :- 07092 029643
Email :- charles@new-web-sites.com
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