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New websites offer a new way for small businesses and organisation to operated your website.
We offer design services and hosting like another website hosting company.
We offer full support and maintenance like another website support company.
What is different about New Web Sites.com?
We offer a new cost-effective model that save you £1000’s on web design and hosting.

We offer performance monitoring and reaction planning to help you to increase your websites engagement with your customers to ensure that you have a effective website that will deliver increasing results overtime.

Your Website. How to Get Started

These articles explain how we build and run your website and what we need from you to get started.
Once you have decided to have a website for your business you will need to think about the following 4 steps.

1)   Your domain name.

A domain name is the name of your website on the internet.
This is also known as this the Internet address.
(It’s is the one beginning with http:// or https://).
It is the name used to refer to your website on business stationary or electronic communications and in search results and conversations.
The domain name you choose should reflect your business type and perhaps your region.
This is recommended as Google Search – which is how most of your customers will find your business – will generally return location based results.
The best way to go about creating your domain name is to think about the type of customers you want to attract and to think how they would find your business using an Internet Search engine.

Try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes when doing this.
Better still try to imagine that you are a customer searching for the type of services that your business offers.
Even better still ask several people that you know how they would search for the type of business service that you offer.
Watch what they type in the Internet search box, (they may use, Google, Bing or Yahoo)  then watch how they scan the results.
See which links they click on and ask them why they choose that link from the page of results.
This experiment will give you some insight about how customers will look for your business.
Think about the words they would use in their search.
Think about how they choose which links to click on.
This should give you an indication of the words to use in your domain name.

2)  Your business message.
This is something that only you can do.
It’s Your business and the message and the vision is yours alone.
You ‘Must’ take sometime out to think about your business message.
You business message will include your USP.
Your USP is your Unique Selling Proposition.
You already ready know of these unless you have been living in a cave for some years.
Every major brand or famous product has one.

For instance

  •  “Ill be back.”,  is associated with one famous actor in particular.
  •  “Vorch durch Technik.”, is associated with a domestic vehicle manufacture.
  •  “Just Do It.”, a sportswear company.
  •  “9 out of ten cats prefer it.”, a pet food brand.

USPs are everywhere.

(A Trade mark is usually a registered USP that often includes a logo).

Your USP will probably become the headline for your business website.
Think about the type of service or product that you offer and think about how you would tell someone – a prospective client or partner – about your business in 30 seconds or less.

This is called the elevator pitch, but it’s origins are from Hollywood and Burbank film studios where busy producers and directors gave authors 30 seconds to sell or pitch them their file ideas.
This 30 seconds was is the most important 30 seconds of a budding script writers life.
Success meant the backing of a powerful ally in the movie business who could speak to the Associates and raise the millions of dollars required to produce a film.
From that the author could expect to become famous and make himself a pretty large sum of money.
30 seconds, that could change a person’s fate from that of a starving artist into a noted and respected millionaire.

That’s powerful motivation.

Unfortunately on the Internet the average Internet user is not so generous.

On average a user will decide in less 2 seconds whether to click on your link in the search results or not.
Then secondly,  assuming that they clicked on to your website, they will decide in less than ten seconds whether they will continue reading or click back to the search results to find another website.
This is why your business message is so important.
You have less than 15 seconds to ‘Pitch’ your message.
This business message has four parts and is around 300 ~ 500 words longs.
a) The header.  This is where you should incorporate your USP.
b) Introduction.    Here you directly tell your customer what your business is about and what you do.
c) Body. Concisely explain your services.
d) Call to action.  Tell a prospective customer what they should do next. i.e. call for an appointment or fill in the form or click the “Buy now” button.

As you go through this exercise do so as if you where preparing this as a proposal for a business bank loan, or as if you are preparing for a shot on that program called the Dragon Den.

You have only a few seconds and a few hundred words to make an impression.

Remember it is not just about getting the sale at this point, this is about getting the customer interested enough to listen to your proposal so that you can then make your sales pitch.

That how it is in the real world.

This message is what we use to create the front page content of your website.

3)  Web site design time.

We will create the website using the domain name you have chosen, and create a simple Headline banner or Business masthead based on the information you give us.  From this information we can make the banner and website relevant and suitable for your expected audience.
Your website banner will incorporate your business name, a logo if you like your USP and your business telephone number and email address.
This is a visual representation off your business.
These visual representations of businesses appear in packaging, labels and websites and are so ingrained in the populations mindset, that is it now impossible to think of a business without one.
We will create several important pages for your website.

  • The front page
  • Contact page.
  • About Us page.
  • Terms of Use page.

All the other pages on your website should each describe products or services or provide useful information about these.

4)  Your Content.

This is what you want to say to your customer.
Delivering the content is the main purpose of your website.
This where you tell your customer what you have to offer, how much you charge, how you will deliver your service or products and all other relevant information about your business.

You content may also include pictures or images.
These are useful to explain a point or to display your product and if used properly can add to the look and feel of your website.
Images can be useful for adding business impact but they must be relevant to the message service or product.
It is usually best to buy from Stock image sites or free stock photos websites.
This is the best way to get high quality images at low cost.
You can sometimes get images from product manufacturers also.
You can also go to a professional photographer to get good images.
Or try yourself but do some research and practice before assuming your own picture are good enough.


I hope the notes above will give you some idea of what we are aiming to achieve.We are here to help you with every aspect of building and maintaining your website and we are here to answer any questions and suggestions that you may have.


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Managing Your Website Content With Windows Live Writer

imageWordPress is a great website platform for small to medium websites as there are so many styles and designs available and limitless functionality.

From a developer’s  point of view, one can produce all the customisations the client requires using standardised plugin and the extensive function library.

This all means fast reliable and secure code,  plus a great looking website for far less money and time compared to those built using traditional programming methods.

I would have to say though that as much as I love WordPress I have never really succeeded in making content updates as easy as I wanted for the customer.

When edit or adding posts (content) in WordPress the user has had two choices as standard.

Firstly there is the straightforward text editor that allows you text in plain text format normal sized text.

This offers about the same functionality as using Windows notepad, but with simple added formatting options such as left align – center – right alight,  emphasis (italic) bold,  lists (ordered and unordered) and blockquote.

Secondly there is the Visual or Wysiwyg (What you see is what you get)  editor.

This provides far more functionality  such as colors, fonts, paragraph styles,  underline quote marks plus easy access plugin functions like paypal buttons.

The issues with these are the simple text editor is a little too simple and when you need larger text or to change item such as increasing  margins around an image, or anything interesting, you need to start using HTML which is fine for some users but not the many.

The visual editor appear to solve this problems but in can be a bit fussy with line or word spacing  plus if you have any links a lot it with replace the start and end tags with ASCII characters such as ‘&gt’  instead of ‘<’, which will be in the output making your website look as if a drunk person wrote the text.
Windows Live Writer.

There are alternative editor available as plugins but most of the visual editors will still break code or the links in posts and pages.

imageToday the most widely considered best method for updating a post , page in WordPress or most other CMs based websites is Window Live Writer.

Windows live writer is a Windows desktop base application that will connect your WordPress site using xmlrpc,  and it provides an interface similar in strength and robustness to Microsoft word.

You can quickly produce lovely formatted posts with any text size, colour, enhancements and perfectly spaced image in minutes.

Live writer is free and easy to use and it is ideal if you have many blogs or websites as it can post pages and posts to most of the most popular  websites and  blogs such as Sharepoint, Blogger and Live.com

live writer free

Live writer is included with many Microsoft office packages and it can also be download free from –


(Please use this link to avoid malware, spyware or ransom ware).


You can learn to use Live Writer to update and post to you website in a few minutes and you will find that  a good investment.

Try video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBrXU3O-wYU for a quick video tutorial.

Get live Writer today for your Windows desktop and make your content updates easier and faster than ever.


Free encryption service

Encryption for protection


About Complex Encryption

Encryption is the art of concealing a message from everyone except the person intended.

Systems for hiding messages from all but the intended recipient, have been used for thousands of years.

Famously one of the earliest examples is called the Caesar Cipher named after the great Emperor.

He used this cipher to send messages to his army generals and his good buddy Caesarea

A system used to hide messages is usually using a encryption method. Encryption systems are called Ciphers

When a message is encrypted in appears garbled or looks like some thing else completely.

using the follow in an example of the Caesar cipher in action.

If I need to send a message to Ceasar that the latest conquest is won, I may send

the message Victory

But to conceal the message I would sent. In theory neither the messenger nor spies the enemy would be able to read this message.


(I would need to send this in the language of the day of course – Latin)
This is an early example of encryption and is known as the ROT3 cipher.
This is because the cipher text is produced by shifting – ROTating the letters three place to the right in the (Latin) alphabet.

This type of cipher is known as a substitution cipher because the letters are simply substituted with others to produce the cipher text.

When Caesar received this message, his cryptoanalysis would replace each letter in the crypto text with the letter from the alphabet shifted 3 place to the left.

The Caesar cipher is represented mathematically like this.

C = (P +3) mod 26 is the formula for creating the ciphertext.
P = (C – 3) mod 26 is the formula for decryption back to plain text.

The of course is that you need to key the decryption and encryption method secret.

Modern encryption is far more sophisticated and even though you may know the actual formula – the cipher – used to produce the encrypted message it is still near impossible to work out what the original message was.

Why is this ?

Caesar / Rot 3 cipher is obviously not a very strong cipher and the message in this example can be decrypted by pure common sense if you have any idea what to expect.

It is fairly easy to modify this cipher, if you suspect you enemy knows the key to decrypting all of you messages.

For this simple example we can change the key in this case 3 (the key) to 4. That should fool the blighter’s. (At least for now).

Despite the simplicity of the example it had much in common with today’s most commonly used cipher algorithm AES (Advanced encryption standard).

The Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm is Defined and created by Ronald Rijndael, one of the founders of RSA (RSA Security is named after three brilliant mathematicians (Ronald Rivest, Leonard Adleman, and Adi Shamir)

AES is mostly commonly used in secure USB drives because it is very secure – Can support encryption strengths up to 256 bit, fast – Ciphers use extremely large numbers and can be very CPU intensive.AES however is designed to be very efficient while maintaining very strong security.Flexible – Can be easily implemented in either hardware or software.

AES like the rot 3 examples about the cipher above use a key to encrypt messages.The bit that, tells the crypto analyst how to encrypt and how to decrypt messages.

This key is the password that you use to lock your data away from prying eyes. Of course all the advanced technology and crypto strength in the world is useless if you use a weak password that someone can guess or give the password to someone.

How to create strong passwords or passphrases.

Choosing a strong password is all important for security of your data. As a rule you should never give your password away to anyone, additionally you should ensure that it cannot be easily guessed by people around you.

Bad password choices includes:-
Favorite football team and the year that team won the FA cup.
Your children’s names
Partner’s names.
Favorite programs
Favorite of popular films
Names of celebrities or well know sportspeople
Anything you talk about regularly, favorite cars, football teams etc

NB If you work with the same people for a while it has been shown that eventually you will know so much about each other that it gets easier make an accurate guesses at what that person might choose for a password.


Mike Meyers CISSP Passport
FIP 197

Visit https://www.encryptfree.com/ to encrypted your messages for social networks and public bulletin boards.


Keyword Research Videos in 6 easy to follow parts

Keyword Research Videos

Keyword Research Video Tutorial 1

Keyword Research Video Tutorial 2

Keyword Research Video Tutorial 3

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Keyword Research Videos in 6 easy to follow parts

Keyword Research Videos

Keyword Research Video Tutorial 1

Keyword Research Video Tutorial 2

Keyword Research Video Tutorial 3

Keyword Research Video Tutorial 4

Keyword Research Video Tutorial 5

Keyword Research Video Tutorial 6