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A business’s ability to interact with its potential customers and partners in the growing Internet market place is the cornerstone of its success. The wide reach that business owners avail on the World Wide Web clubbed with their 24×7 online presence for their promoting products and/or services or for the resolution of client queries further helps them to be available to potential customers any and every time the latter choose.

Of the many ways of presenting a business online, a free website is the most chosen one. Of course other options such as social media marketing, professional directories and messaging tools are also popular. However, nothing beats presenting a business in a well structured and highly attractive manner through a website. The best point is that you can make a free website!

A simple free website is not only user friendly but also quite easy to make. A simple free website entails just a few relevant pages such as the descriptions of the services or goods that a company offers, buying options and contact details like telephone number, fax or email. If you are making a simple free website and want to collate visitor™s contacts or personal information on it, do not add a privacy agreement or guarantee.

Choosing a domain name for a free website

The most important factor while building a simple free website is choosing a domain name that makes your customers access your site. Decide how you want your customers to access your free website and then zero in on the domain name.

You may prefer that your customers access your site using a domain name such as™ or a networks name, if available, such as ˜™. But while the latter may be available for free, the former is not.

The advantages of using a free website

There are several advantages of using a free website. Some of them are list below:

  • No money paid to have your site go online in a few minutes.
  • No support required.
  • No coding required.
  • No domain name required.
  • No technical knowledge required.

The disadvantages of a free website

    The disadvantages of using a free website include:

  • No indigenous domain name: you will not be able to use your own domain name
  • No emails: a free website does not provide email facility so you will need to use other mail providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or others
  • No forms: forms are one on the easiest way for a customer to contact you
  • No auto responders: you will have to use a third party to employ auto responder emails
  • No scripts or applications: your host may not allow you to add codes such a php or java scripts

Where to get a free website and free web pages?

There are literally thousands of places where you can get a free website. However, the meaning of the word free may vary. A free website may offer free webpages you might be required to pay for the domain name hosting or registration. Or you may need to pay an annual fee for a “.com” address or biannually for a ˜™ address. There are a few 3 months trials offered by some free website hosting companies but in there cases too you would need to pay for domain name registration.

A few companies that offer free webpages include:
Yahoo! Small Business
Google sites

Blog sites that can be used to set up a free webpages include:
MSN Spaces

Setting up a business page on Facebook
(An example of a free website)
For those who want to leverage online technology to the hilt and make the most of the complementing social media marketing tools, a Facebook page in addition to a free website is recommended. The two can work in conjunction with each other to give online business owners a greater reach in their niche and global marketplace.

It is indeed a cakewalk to set up a business page on the ˜big daddy of all social networking sites™ “ Facebook.

Before setting up a free Facebook business page, log in to Facebook and view a few business pages similar to your business, products and services.
For e.g. Go to Google and search for ˜nutella site™

You can see that the page that Google locates contains photos and information about the product.
But more importantly, this particular Facebook business page has regular updates or comments from fans or followers in real time, which suggests frequent visits from potential clients.

The comments they make can be in search results, on mobile devices, as well as on other websites in addition to meaning that hundreds of people can see these comments and if this was your Facebook page about your products and services, these could have been comments from your potential customers, fans and followers “ interested your special offers, news bulletins or announcements “ leading to more sales.

So why pay for a web site from New Web

We have shown in this article that there are many options for free websites, and there are many website design and hosting companies, so why would you chose New web sites to build, design and maintain your business website.

Well, there are more reason to chose new web sites than you probably think.

Firstly we are less concerned with design and much more interested that you as a busy business owner are not bogged down with the intricacies of running a website.

Matters of hosing, contact forms, mailboxes, content management, link building and many other details required to make your website work take time to learn and master.

When you employ new web sites we take care of everything needed to make your web site work for you instead you your spending hours tackling technical and probably less productive (= less profitable) tasks.

This way you can carry on running your business without sacrificing vast amounts of time and energy out of your already busy day.

We will just get on with the job at hand and contact you from time to let you know our progress.

You can call us when you have ideas or want to launch new products or services otherwise we can hand you as little or as much technical responsibility as you require.

Just try that with or

All we need from you is content, content is the driver that will make your website soar through the ranks, your ideas in an email is usually enough for us to commission new content, videos or a marketing campaign to keep your site fresh and ranking.

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It could be that a free web page is all you need, but even then we can how you how to use it to promote your business on the internet.