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I know that by now that everyone in the civilised world knows about the changes that the Internet has brought to our way of life.
Some famous examples are :-


Facebook.com – Is the biggest meeting place, where old friends can catch up and stay in touch across the world, and new friendship and relationships are formed daily.


Amazon.com – Is the words largest shop with and income in 2012 of around 13.18 billion (USD) and employing 51,300 people world wide and providing a living for many thousands more. (Source – http://www.amazon.com/Inside-Careers-Homepage.
Most importantly Amazon has around 152 Million customers worldwide customers.


Google – Is the most recognisable word in the world today.
Google Searches – In 2011 there were around 1,722,071,000,000 searches using the Google search engine.corded by the Google search engine.


Twitter.com – Can flash news of events across faster that the traditional news feeds.


eMail – Millions of emails are sent everyday, millions now have access to a free email account and many business cannot survive without it.


Websites – Thousands of new Websites are built everyday.


These example have some mighty big numbers associated with them which just shows us that the Internet is expanding on a universal scale and this affects how we work, play and do business.

What does all this say about a business that has no interest in expanding into the Internet market space.

When we look back over the past few years we can see the effects of neglecting the online opportunities available to all via the Internet.

Those that have neglected to grow their businesses in the Internet market space are now listed on the great remembrance wall of liquidated businesses.

Blockbuster – liquidated 2013

Jessops – liquidated 2103

Comet – liquidated 2012

JJB Sport – liquidated 2012

Clintons cards – liquidated 2012

Aquascutum – liquidated 2012

Game – liquidated 2012

Peacocks – liquidated 2012

Pumpkin Patch – liquidated 2012

*(source – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13977255).

With the great power of hindsight, we can now see that many of these businesses may still exist today if they had taken advice and Invested in the the opportunities that the expanding Internet marketplace bring to businesses.


Even if you your business is not one of these “Household name” brands, it is important that you move your business forward in line with modern trends and market forces.


The old way for a customer to go shopping is on the decline. Today’s shopper expects to find information about products and services on a Website.


There are so many reasons not to visit shops and business premises to make purchases these days. Just considering fuel costs, parking charges, time to drive to your location, limited choices of stock on display or older models and outdated versions in shops due to warehouse or storage limitations.


I remember those sad old days when you could easily spend your entire Saturday visiting different shops and still not finding what you wanted at the end of the day. Why would a buyer do that these days when she can search through hundreds of retailers websites for goods in around 30 minutes then and order and pay online.


Customers will research and visit information again and again before they reach a buying decision, so being able to check your website 24 hours a day will is a now must have in business.


Why would a customer queue at customer services to get expert advice, when the competition offer a quick response form on their Website that she can use to get an answer by email quickly. Times are changing fast and your entry in Yell.com and Thomspon local is not going to insipre that savvy buyer anymore.


Amongst the benefits of the fast changing Internet is that the cost of owning and maintaining your own Website has decreased from that of the intial 5 Million GBP used to start Boo.com in 1998 to the price of a years subscription to about 45.00 (GBP) per month.


Today you can build and maintain your own fully functional Website for less than the cost of an annual entry in Yell.com or even a new paper advert.


Off course you still need to advertise, but your Website will improve your customer facing profile and help to boost your sales and improve your bottom line.


New web sites.com are the first web design company to offer businesses a fully functional website for just £500.00 p/a.


We will design, build operate and maintain your website allowing you full control of your content and we will provide first class support when you need it.

You will also get:-

a dedicated URL for your website.

eMail addresses for you and your staff.

Auto reply emails.

We will teach you how to use eMail to streamline your business.

Show you how to use social networking to your advantage.

Show you how to use search tools reach your target customers.

Provide you with tracking and analysis so you can measure your websites performance.

Provide Order management.

Provide Contact management.

Online payments.

There are so many services and ideas open to you, some of which you may not you have not even imagined yet.


Ensure your business is not the next victim of the consumer revolt.
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