File Hosting Services

File hosting services allow you to keep files in a cloud based server that is accessible from almost anywhere in the world were there is an internet connection.

You can think of it as a USB Key that you cannot lose.

Cloud based file hosting is a fast growing service since the explosion of cloud based services.

Created by the lowering cost of powerful computers and proccessors, inexpensive RAM memory and disk storage, the cloud offers ordinary users the chance to enjoy the same reslient and continuity of service as that enjoyed by Global companies for year and at massive costs.

Everyone on the planet can now have access to 1GB of cloud based fiel sharing space completely free.

This means that you can save your spreedsheets, documents, music, photos etc on a server that can be accessed from any computer connected to the interent.

No more lugging your laptop around when you travel abroad and no more need for a pocket full of USB keys and CD/DVD holders.

Protection from broken damaged and corrupted USB drives and complete security provide by 2048 bits RSA encryption.

Simply up load your data through you browser or the applet provided by the File Hosting Service, and when you get to your destination upi can access you data there and continue editing or presenting as usual

New web sites recommend Dropbox not only because because of the free 1GB storage available on registration, but becasue off the range of application API it supports.

This means that you will often find that when you buy a software product, you may be offered the choice to download as usual or save to your Dropbox , so you can download from Dropbox to any other computer later. We use this service to deliver templates and site code to our customers also.


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