Freedom From Desk Bound eMail

Why you need a Cloud Based eMail Client

Freedom from desktop email clientsOur Webmail clients can offer you and your team freedom from being bound to a desktop computer to answer emails.
We offer a web based email client that can be accessed using unique ID’s from anywhere in the world that an Internet connencted PC, MAC, or Mobile device is available.
Our web based email client service allows you access to your emails and shared or personal address book anywhere, and without signing away your rights to privacy through suspicious and complex usage policies.
We can provide hosting for your unique domain name, email accounts and shared or individual mailboxes and SSL certificate protection protect you businesses security.
New web create maintain and support Web Sites for small business and medium businesses.
We use only the best hosting providers running the best cloud servers to keep your website up to date and we offer 99.999% availability so that your customers contact you and learn about your products and services anytime.
Our managed Webmail clients is a service that we provide bundled with our Website packages.
We are now able to offer our powerful web client services as a standalone service to businesses with existing websites or free websites and blogs.
Our webemail email clients offer a fully functional and portable email service for you and your organisation.
You can add and remove users or create mail groups and mailing lists whenever you choose using you own control panel.
Our webmail email services features:-

  • Global eMail Access
  • LDAP User accounts and Groups
  • Shared Address Books
  • Unique ID’s for your team
  • Team Planner / Calendar
  • SSL encryption certificates
  • Your own usage policies
  • Cloud based SMTP host
  • HTML Rich Branded emails
  • Excellent Support
  • Full training
  • Self controlled access
  • Multiple identities on your domain
  • Cost effective
  • SPAM Protection
  • Fully managed service
  • 24 hour help desk – (for gold service customers)
  • Prices from £499.00 per year (for up to 20 users

Using Gmail for your business emails


Gmail is the best client for everyone, and is free to use. I have recommended Gmail to my clients because of it’s robustness, ease of use, conversations and the immense storage available.
I have set all of my clients up to use Gmail, which allows you to use your email from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.
This allows you to easily work away from the office on a multitude of devices.
And they all use full HTML emails, containing links to websites, Paypal buttons, logos and images that brighten up your emails to give your customer rich and colourful experience when dealing with you.
You can quickly do this too, using my new PDF guide –

How to use HTML emails in Gmail

available for about £3.50p at
In this guide I show you how to setup Gmail so you can send and receive emails for you SMTP mail server.
How to add images and how to use auto response emails and setup a full HTML template for you business emails.
Buy it today from and free you self from your Desktop computer and brighten up your emails.

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