Getting The Most From Your Web Site

As you begin using your new Site you will begin to see the limitless Potential at your finger tips.
The information you supply about your business and products is just the beginning. You will find way to make streamline your business and make more time available for you to make more money.

You will soon start having ideas of ways to enrich your content and provide a better services for your customers and partners.

This section lists a just few ideas.


Video can be used to give messages to your readers, show off your products and services. Video is a powerful messaging medium and you can use it in many creative ways.
You could show instance a demonstration of your products, training videos; explain procedures that make boring text, a showcase of your staff or premises. This list could go on and on. Let your imagination sour.
Go a dig out the camcorder from 2 Christmas’s ago and get to work. Upload the video to your computer then follow the guide in your welcome pack to display it on your web site.
Music and sounds clips.
I have a Ford Mustang but when I was deciding between Vauxhalls Monaro and the Ford, I did a lot of research on the internet. Fords web site had a sound clip of the Mustangs V8 engine and that sealed my purchasing decision.
It’s another powerful tool that you can use to enhance your web site. Again this is very easy to upload, free to make. It just requires imagination and a little time.
Try adding some ambient music to your picture galleries, sound bites and messages, alerts and tones. Go get that mp3 player recorder/recorder now.

Picture gallery.

There are many styles of photo gallery available. You could show pictures of your product installations, colour choices, team members, anything that suites your whim. I would recommend any digital camera better than an average phone camera.
Display on your site within 10 minutes.

SMS Alerts.

We can setup SMS alerts from the site. This could be for used so that you can be informed if someone fills in a contact form, sends you an email, you could use this as delegation tool, to contact other team members, and again anything you can dream up.

Membership site.

You could create a membership site restricting access to privileged information for paying members or subscribers. Contact us if this something you are considering.

Auto Responders.

This is a system that can send emails to your customers periodically.
Auto responders are ideal for sending weekly news letters and mail shots. Of course these need to be prepared in advance.
Shopping carts.
Online shopping can be simply incorporated into your web site. These can be used for physical products and digital products which can be delivered instantly, and order payments.

Workflow management.

Includes everything from task delegation to timesheets submissions, calendars and event notification.

Residual Income.

Your web site can generate income for you outside of your normal business activates. You can do this by adding advertising to your content. This advertising is always relevant to your industry or area of interest. Amount of income depends on how many visitors you get to your site. You can decide which of your web pages ads can be displayed on.
Advertising your website and business.

Naturally you will be adding your website address (URL) to your business stationary and normal channels of advertising. You will also have to option of on-line advertising. We can discuss adverting plans with you. and orders.

News feeds.

News feeds are another good method for disseminating news about your company.
You may have seen the RSS symbol on other websites especially news sites. RSS is an efficient way to send news
Snippets to web browsers but is particularly effective for mobile devices.

Site Migration.

We can easily convert your old static site to one of our modern Content Management Systems. Simple sites of up to 20 pages are included in the base price. You can discuss your other requirements with us. Domain name migration is required due to the requirements of our support system.We can help you with these and any other idea you may wish to pursue.

Display Your Testimonials on Your Site

You can display customer testimonials and feedback on your web site, another strong selling point

Show off you Qualifications

Display your qualifications and professional membership logos on you pages.

Contact us now matter how large or small you think the task is.