web-site-displays Every business needs a website in today’s digital world, on-line marketing is the fastest growing sales tool in all of history, and we can help you to get your business or organisations website online and attracting new customers within a few days.

We are not just a website design firm. We will also host your website on our cloud based servers with high availability clusters and highly reliable Email services, and we will always be on hand to help you make to most of your website and to help you to harness the power of the Internet and the 1000’s of Internet based services available to you help you to sell your products and services online.

We will provide :-

  • Technical support and
  • Site monitoring
  • Regular updates
  • And we help you to promote your business to new customers.
    Try asking for those services on on 1&1 or GoDaddy.

  • Regular Backup
  • Restore services
  • Best Practice Security
  • Tips and suggestions

About Our Small Business Package.

Our small business package is designed for business people that need a website but do not have the time to learn, build and maintain their own systems.
We have found that most of our customers are very technically savvy. They understand the technical requirements and the benefits of having a modern website and email system, but they need to focus on core business activities leaving little or no time for tinkering with the Website.

This is why New Web offers the small business package. It is the most cost effective solution for many small and medium businesses.
We take care of all of the day to day activities required for the successful running of your website, we just ask to to work on or agree to the websites content – since this is the online voice of your business.

The key benefits are:-

You can post details about your own content at any time, this is why we use Dynamic websites.Website connections

  • Hosted website.
  • Modern CMS System.
  • 100’s of email addresses.
  • Software Updates.
  • Backups.
  • Gmail / Outlook integration.
  • Technical Support.
  • News and new ideas.

This is just perfect for details such as product catalogues,  price lists, terms and conditions, add payment buttons, add contact forms, news about your services or industry sector, special offers, sales, events and new products, so that your customers can stay in touch with your business services.

Integrate social networking.

social-networking-sites Social networking is an important tool for finding a captive audience for your services and products.  We will show you how to integrate and interact with your audience through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in order help drive traffic to you websites, using easy, time saving ways to keep your social postings up to date in order to capture the interest of potential customers.
Social networks and social networking appeals to certain sections of the Internet population; and I don’t just mean young people.
It is not just about the ‘Facebook Generation’ anymore. Search engines, traditional media, and many business people favour social media sites.
This are the fastest way to find specific information, one of the appeal is that messages have to be concise and to the point and often, there are many ways to read social media content using iPhones, Androids, Tablets computers, laptop and their apps. It’s is also the preferred way for potential customers to ask you about your services or products.
You can take advance of the popularity of social


Using emails with your own businesses domain name will increase your online credibility.
Our reliable emails servers will provide you with 100’s of email addresses if required.
We also provide SPAM protection using Spamhaus included in your website package.
We can design your email template that includes your logo, copyright, privacy statement.
It is also how you will receive notifications from your social network accounts, customers, the system (yes the website send you and us the administrators information too).

Interactive Websites

You may remember early HTML websites, static and difficult to add new content too. These were a little dull and required a lot of maintenance as web browsers and computer technology advanced.
Our CMS (Content Managed Systems) websites, are update regularly and they allow you to quickly and easily update you own content. This means that if you have a special offer on a line in your product range, a special event to promote you can login and post a new article. You can even email a new post to your website that appears automatically at the top of the content.
Adding new feature is a breeze too. No more major rewrites or redevelopment as it would have been in the past. You just email us your requirement and we will investigate solutions which we then discuss with you, and then perform the upgrade for a nominal cost and usually overnight.

Online 365 days.

We will ensure that your website is live 99.99% in a  year – allowing downtime for server or software maintenance (based on best efforts – not guaranteed).
We use highly reliable GenuineIntel, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2665  based cluster servers that provide you with high performance and high availability at very low costs.


New web sites small business package is the most cost effective fully maintained business website package you will find.
We charge an initial £500 setup, design and development fee then you simply pay £600 per year including maintenance, technical support, updates , backup and you can ask us about expanding your website or adding new services whenever you are ready.
(We also offer monthly payments for small businesses and start-ups).

Getting Started.

meeting We  start with a 1 hour consultation with you and your business partners, so that we can understand your business and discover how you like to work.   This can also be by video link using Skype Outlook or Google + Hangouts.
Together we  will build a framework that will allow us to create a model of your business, which we then use to design your new businesses web site.
After this we work on your Unique Selling Proposition, Keywords, styles ,colours and the website layout, then we will ask you to for your home page text and content.

We will build your website based on our framework model, and then we will  work with you to get the layout and features that you require on the site so that your website ideally reflects the colour and tone of your business.

Contact Us.

Contact us today to get started  Call +447092029643 or us at email