Managing Your Website Content With Windows Live Writer

imageWordPress is a great website platform for small to medium websites as there are so many styles and designs available and limitless functionality.

From a developer’s  point of view, one can produce all the customisations the client requires using standardised plugin and the extensive function library.

This all means fast reliable and secure code,  plus a great looking website for far less money and time compared to those built using traditional programming methods.

I would have to say though that as much as I love WordPress I have never really succeeded in making content updates as easy as I wanted for the customer.

When edit or adding posts (content) in WordPress the user has had two choices as standard.

Firstly there is the straightforward text editor that allows you text in plain text format normal sized text.

This offers about the same functionality as using Windows notepad, but with simple added formatting options such as left align – center – right alight,  emphasis (italic) bold,  lists (ordered and unordered) and blockquote.

Secondly there is the Visual or Wysiwyg (What you see is what you get)  editor.

This provides far more functionality  such as colors, fonts, paragraph styles,  underline quote marks plus easy access plugin functions like paypal buttons.

The issues with these are the simple text editor is a little too simple and when you need larger text or to change item such as increasing  margins around an image, or anything interesting, you need to start using HTML which is fine for some users but not the many.

The visual editor appear to solve this problems but in can be a bit fussy with line or word spacing  plus if you have any links a lot it with replace the start and end tags with ASCII characters such as ‘&gt’  instead of ‘<’, which will be in the output making your website look as if a drunk person wrote the text.
Windows Live Writer.

There are alternative editor available as plugins but most of the visual editors will still break code or the links in posts and pages.

imageToday the most widely considered best method for updating a post , page in WordPress or most other CMs based websites is Window Live Writer.

Windows live writer is a Windows desktop base application that will connect your WordPress site using xmlrpc,  and it provides an interface similar in strength and robustness to Microsoft word.

You can quickly produce lovely formatted posts with any text size, colour, enhancements and perfectly spaced image in minutes.

Live writer is free and easy to use and it is ideal if you have many blogs or websites as it can post pages and posts to most of the most popular  websites and  blogs such as Sharepoint, Blogger and

live writer free

Live writer is included with many Microsoft office packages and it can also be download free from –

(Please use this link to avoid malware, spyware or ransom ware).


You can learn to use Live Writer to update and post to you website in a few minutes and you will find that  a good investment.

Try video – for a quick video tutorial.

Get live Writer today for your Windows desktop and make your content updates easier and faster than ever.