Maxisiming the use of your web sites

The internet and inexpensive access to services can revolutionize your business.

A website provides a virtual shopfront for you business, especially useful if your business unit is hidden away in a non decrepit location in the middle of an out of town business park.

Not only can customers find and interact your business 24 hours a day, you can also keep in touch with customers through news letters and bulletins, provide out of hours support and keep customers up to date with events that your customers would appreciate.

There are also many ways that you can use the Internet the streamline your own in house processes and systems.

New web sites can help you  to put systems in place that will modernize your business and make the working day easier for your busy employees.

For instance – An on-line annual leave registration process for you staff can save hours a day when staff which to book annual leave.  They can simply log on to an on line calendar – again from anywhere – and see if the leave conflicts with others.  And since the calendar will also list critical business events your staff can easily make plans around their colleagues and business requirements.

Online applications. 
 You can save a fortune in software licenses using online services.   There are many companies that provide secure and reliable online applications due to development of “Cloud computing and data services”.   These  can reduce your business costs dramatically and automatically provide a responsibility for shared documentation and spreadsheets.  

Paper less office?
Not quite yet, but we are getting closer every year. You can reduce paper usage and waste in your organization by using well organized online services. Using documents such a PDF (Portable document format) which can be read on all computers and mobile devices with the added benefit that you can control distribution and life times and reduce storage requirements for your business activities. can help you to chose a suitable service for your business critical applications and data storage while ensuring security and accessibility.