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New-web-sites.com – provide a unique service to small and medium sized business.
We will provide you with Everything that your business needs to create a practical, working web site.
We will provide the support, technical skills and knowledge as well as the business acumen and creativity and imagination that is required to produce a great web site that will work for you all day and all night.
You business web site will promote your business and provide your new and existing customers with information about your products and services.

It will help you to increase your businesses reach and provide important services such as :- answering frequently asked questions about your business services and products, allowing customers to subscribe to your mailing list, taking orders around the clock, sending information or brochures, and set can create services do that you can provide many other automated services too.

We use CMS based web technologies that allow you to create and update your text, images productions and business information quickly a easily. These CMS systems allow rapid development, provide a secure platform, and allow new functionality of design change to be effected quickly , and more importantly much more cheaply that using traditional web technologies.


New-web-sites.com – provide a unique service to small and medium sized business.
We will provide you with Everything that your business needs to create a working practical business website for your business.
We will help you to choose and register a domain name that reflects your business name or sector.
Provide a Cloud server to host your website.
This could be Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft CloudPlatform or a shared hosting platform.


We will create and design a CMS Platform on a Webserver for your business website or outsource and manage a professional design team to achieve the look and feel that you want to project.
We will design logos, banners, infographics, procure or commission videos or other multimedia.


Your Website will be hosted on a high performance VPS (Virtual Private Server). Using these servers and a number of hosting partners is how we are able to supply websites for a fraction of the price of other web companies.


Our partner hosting companies all offers cloud based servers. This means that a failure in a power supply, hard disk drive, CPU, or memory module will not affect your website.
These systems are monitored and run by very experienced and very skilled technicians.
Hundreds of system processes are constantly monitored.
Protective processes and procedures activate failover when necessary, even replacement of system component as warning thresholds or alarms are triggered.
All this means that we can provide 99.99% (“four nines”) of service availability. This means that over a period of a year, your server maybe take down for updates or maintenance for no more that minutes.

  • Service Plans

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Standard – From £1000.00p/a

Includes Shared hosting, URL management, email, WordPress customised template, web banner, HTML email template, Email client configuration.
Backup & Restore services, software upgrade, server maintenance.

Enhanced Package.

Design and build packages start from just £2000.00p.
Our design and build concept provides you with complete solution for you company websites.
We will crate a modern concept website to show case your products and services.
We work with web designers and artists around the world to bring you best value for money that you will find.

SEO Services.

Additional SEO services. A dedicated manager who works to improve keyword search and website rankings.
Where do you want to go?
We work with SEO experts from around the world to ensure that you website is always ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
We follow the best practices and trend to ensure that you are at least ahead of your compatible competitors.

Email only hosting

If need to provide email for upto 1000 employees, we can provide you with a email platform offering the best in service and reliability. Our hosts are renowned for both stability and support and are determined to provide the most reliable and secure service in the world.
So, if you are looking for a secure, reliable email provider, call us today.

QR codes

QR Codes can be used to give your clients and contacts an easy method for accessing your Web sites. Once generated your QR Code can be used on any printed media such as business cards, your email signature, on posters, on the back of you company vehicle or the tail plane of your company jet. This means that anyone with a smartphone or tablet computer can quickly scan your QR Code to store your contact information. It’s so quick and it’s very easy. Now your business cards, flyers poster, and email signatures can contain your live hosted QR Code

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