Using Google Keyword Search Tool to Write Keyword Rich Articles for Your Home Business Writing keyword rich articles that are written around either your home based business opportunity or as a review of your services or products while giving valuable information to your readers is beneficial to your home based business. Creative writing articles will get a reader’s attention and pull them towards your expertise and offer lots of great tips and strategies which will lead them to click to see just who you are and what you are all about. You may think that you couldn’t possibly be part of a writing community, but with the use of google keyword search tool, the process has been simplified. You actually google for the Google Keyword Search Tool, plug in your topic and copy the words that are suggested into a notepad, for example. Then, have the notepads placed side by side as you write your article including them one time for the main keywords and 5 times for the relevent keywords also listed in the Google keyword search tool per every 100 words that you write. Google has done all the keyword analysis for you using the keyword tool. Keywords per 100 words *Main keywords-1 *Relevent keywords-5 Ideally, you would publish an article, make a video about it and post it on your blog to add some links connecting all these places from your home based business to them. Blast them out to all of the popular article posting sites and the video sharing sites. The best articles and videos will offer valuable content in a friendly, non-salesy