Web Banners

Web banners add visual impact to your website and is great a way to promote your brand.
The visual impact is commonly used to sell a brand by making a memorable image in your customers mind.

This method is so successful that almost all websites will have a web banner at the top of the websites

When you buy our basic, or advanced package we will create a cool web banner as a part of your design package.
We create banners using our experience in house graphic artist.

We can also create hand made web banners for your existing web site.
A simple banner is one that has for instance company name, a few colours which usually are usually associated with the company brand, and perhaps some effects such as drop shadows, solar flare, textured background, motion blurs, vibration effects, gradients etc.

More advanced banners will normally include a professional photo of image. These can be very complex and can take a lot of time to produce as well as fees for images if you do not already own the rights to the image.

We can produce unique simple hand made banners for you from just £90.00 each.
(These normally take around 3 hours to produce, with an allowance for reviews and minor changes.)

Many of our customers are more than happy with our basic banners but we also have access to graphic producer that can create very complex images for your specialist needs.

These can take a few artists many days to create and may involve animation, licensed graphic production method such as 3D, and “live” banners that can include feeds in the banner.

These can vary in cost, for example one customer has paid over £1000.00 for a banner that included rights to a HD image of a concept car on a mountain road with effects to relayed that the car was travelling at high speed through the landscape.

Most of our clients are very happy with our simple banners similar to the one on this website.
Banners are produced in various sizes and include small a version that could be used on business cards, and a version for a html enails.

If you have an existing website and would like to update your banner or if the site builder software your host provided is not up to scratch, you should contact us today to discuss your new custom made web banner.

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