Web Sites

What do you want to do with you web site.
Tell people about your existing business ?
Help people with a specific problem ?
Share yours thoughts ?
I do not know yet ?
Start a web based business ?

The possibilities are endless but you will do well to form a clear idea of what you want to do, as with any other project that you undertake, planning and careful thought will help you decide what you want to do.

Once you know want you require from your new web site you will be ready to move to the practicalities of building and designing your site.

Generally you will need to decide how much functionality you will need.
This is important because you will need to decided whether your server requires windows or Linux.
How much security you require and how many database you need.

You can also get free web site for many vendors but they will usually ad advertising to your site.

Most useful software will require a database. The vendor I use streamline.net will provide a database for Linux free with your hosting packing, but will charge £199.00 for a Microsoft database. (due to Microsoft licensing).

You can get a lot of free software for Linux, so most webs can be build for little more that the cost of hosting.

This site is build on a linux based server runing WordPress using an MySql database.

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