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New web sites.com

We are specialist in CMS websites, Internet collaboration tools and cloud application experts. We work with small to medium businesses to provide a better way to integrate your business with your website to help you to reach new and existing customers using the Internet. We can help you to integrate cloud based production software into your business to improve efficiency and improve your customer relationships. We have packages from just £500 per year for small business and organisation. Contact us to learn more about our amazing websites packages for small businesses.

Custom Website Design

We will build and design a beautiful custom Website for your business. Promote your brand and service to the world with your own company website.

Integrate Social Networking

We will managed your social networks, updates and send excerpt and updates from you website to your Facebook, Twitter or other social network account.

Free To Publish Your Way.

You can put your message out to your customers however you want. Use your own video, images, content. Your Website, Your Way.

Own a Connected Business©

Learn how to because a connected business©
We will show you how to use your website, email and other tools to streamline your workflow to become a connected business.

Fully managed Website.

Our fully managed Website services provides you with everything you need to run a Business Website without your having to dedicate hours of you valuable time dealing with the complex details required to run it. Within your annual subscription period we will take care of everything needed to keep you Website alive so that your customers, partners, third parties & members can do business with you the entire year round. You simply choose your domain name, we work with you to come up with a design that you love and that suits your company's image. We supply hosting on AWS - Amazons notoriously reliable cloud hosting platform or a on a shared hosting platform if you budget is limited. We look after your email server, we take care of DNS registration and verification. We manage your Website's updates, backups & security patching. You can contact us for changes, assistance when whenever you need it and to discuss your ideas. Let us handle your Internet presence, while you concentrate on running your business .

Managed Website Services.

This service is for those businesses that have an existing website that requires expert attention. We have expertise for all popular CMS Websites. This includes, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Presta Shop and many others, even static websites can be refreshed or maintained. We will carry out tasks for a fixed price based on our hourly rates and the size of the requirements (to be assessed before hand). We can bring experts in any discipline to solve your issues quickly and to approved standards where required. We will fully managed the tasks to your requirement, or your money back. Contact us today to help your to solve those lingering and difficult issue with your Website.

Other Services.

Our other services include high performance email servers. Social Network Managers Event and Launch Managers.

Connected business.

A Connected business is one that reaches out to customer where they are. A connected business also allows customers to use their prefered medium to contact you.Website connections
Long gone are the days of letters and the long hold phone calls. You customer need to send a query now then get her answer after the gym, meeting etc.
The Internet and Web 2.0 allow connections in so many different ways. Social Networking is one of the largest user of the new Internet behind email.
The connections you make with customers and partners are the ecosystem in which your digital business can thrive.
We can help to make your business a connected business. We can show you how to use your email, Website and social network account to engage with your customers in a way that suites them.

And it makes life easier for you. You can access your email and social network messages from almost any device and be in control of your interactions without being stuck behind a desk.

Join the revolution, join the 1000's of businesses that are moving to a new mode of operation to become - A Connected Business.