Tools and Software

There are many ways  to create a web page.
Low level programming codes used to be the only way to design provide a web page.

Then HTML provided a much easier solution.  Today one can produce an elegant looking Web Site or Blog with Zero programming knowledge.   This had the knock on effect of increasing the production of web pages  and a presence on the Internet is with reach of everyone.
There are many ways to produce a web site and where as an HTML site may be suitable for static pages, the much better solution today is to use one of the many Content Management Systems available.
Some examples of Content Management Systems are Joomla, Ziklua, WordPress. – These all provide ascetically pleasing web sites using interchangeable or customizable templates. The real CMS is that you can made updates and post new information quickly. No recoding is required when using CMS but it is always useful to know a few basic HTML tags as these can be used to enhance individual posts or updates.

Even if you choose to use pure HTML there are very many web templates available that can save you time in the design phase and produce a look that suites your market or organization.

A lot more planning and design work is still required when creating  HTML websites.

High end website design tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver  can produce stunning web pages but at great cost.   See the world cup football  FIA site for an example of maxium gloss and pizzaz.

These aites are get if you access to the producution capablies of a Hollywood Production company, but most of us have to make do with slightly fewer resources.

For most applications many just require a  good looking website that easily manageable and readily updated.

Today one can find many templates and CMS systems (some for free) that can save hours of works

It is our business to find the most ecconomical methods that you can use to get your Internet presence.

We even have customers that do not require a website and we have shown them how to use the Internet to work more efficently or how to use social network to interact with their customers.

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