Where to Start

Decide on a suitable domain name.

Ideally you have one ready made for you i.e. www.yourcompanyname.com.  If not this available this could be a good opportunity to

create something catchy around you business or industry name.  i.e.  www.speedygaskets.com  or www.baggyshirts.com  etc.  this is a great opportunity and that should not be passed up.  Discuss potential names with your business partners and friends (TOP-TIP ask a young child for help).

Plan the look and layout.

The easiest way to start planing your web site is by  thinking about your current company logos trademarks sale brochures.  
Existing material is actually a good starting point for building your website and designing your content or you could decide it’s time to update the company look and feel.

Take a look at company sites for similar businesses, (Google search your competitors).

Image how you would expect a doctors, plumbers or hairstylists web site to look; what about dentist’s photographer, private tutor etc.

How much content will you have on the site ?  Will there be pictures,  diagrams, video.   Thing how your content affects the layout of the site especially the main (front Page).

Use your imagination and create a sketch of how you would like you site to look

The most important thing about any web site is is content.  Information is the name of the game and information is what will drive people to your site. You cannot copy a web site and feel that you are adding something to the internet community, additionally the search engines will filter out duplicates since they aim to deliver focused non duplicate result to users.

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