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One of the biggest problems I found when starting a new business was that of trying to find others with similar mind sets.
There is a lot of advice about from those who have never actually tried very hard or for very long to start a serious business.

I was even given advice from a bankrupt bar man on filling in my tax returns.

Thanks mainly to vanity, it easy to actually take the advice seriously.
This is very sad because an idea is as fragile as a young infant, and some careless words from somebody can mean that it never gets to grow big and strong.

This is why is it’s important to share and talk about your idea but only with people with the similar or enterprising mind set that can see the possibilities of an idea and supply the required input to help.

I hope that we can help you to find at least one good word of advice for your enterprise and project.

We would like you to share your ideas and hopefully get good advice and tips from people that had had your experience.

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