Building A LAMP Stack for WordPress.

Kindle Ebook

This ebook shows you how to build a LAMP Stack for WordPress from scratch. This book is useful if you need apply separation of duties or provide access to clients or operators without giving up root access for WordPress management.

This book covers creating an SUDO account, setting permissions on web directories, installation of Apache2, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, and backup.

  • Create an SUDO user.
  • How to install MySQL from the command line..
  • How to install WordPress with WP-CLI.
  • How to install PHP from the command line.
  • How to setup a backup script for WP and MySQL.

The tasks are laid out in easy to follow steps with command line screenshots, so that you can easily learn to create and configure the LAMP stack for yourself.

When it comes to building a LAMP for WordPress it can seem like a tremendous and tricky task.

But you can build a faster website with better security and more control and granularity in a just couple of hours.
I found a cheap book on Amazon that takes you through building MySQL, Apache2, PHP and WP Core in 12 easy steps.

It's easy to follow and can be done by anyone who is comfortable with Linux commands.
The methods also help to enhance your WordPress security and show you how to backup your system. I also notice that almost all Web Devs pay no attention to security.
And security...
Do you think that your web site security is the responsibility of your provider?
Even with a managed service, you need to take some responsibility. This book shows you some simple step to greatly enhance your web security. Security is never 100% guaranteed but this a huge step which means the next hacker will probably pass you by. Learn in easy steps from Building A LAMP stack for your WordPress Website today.
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