Stop Spending Your Money To Track Your Affiliate Links. ​

Learn how you can save $$$$$$ using your own tracking tool on your own websites.

Stop spending Money To Track Your Affiliate Links.

Oh no - zero again!!!!

In affiliate marketing we are told that we need to be able to track our links in order to grow our business.

This is very true.

There are some great link tracking tools available. I personally love Click Magick. But these tools do not make your business.

If your clickthrough rate is low and not converting, paying for an upscale tool is not going to change that.

Click Magick and Click Funnels are $100,000,000 dollar per year businesses.

That puts them firmly in the luxury good bracket to my mind.

I do agree that you need to track your clicks, but when you are a beginner why spend money you don’t have too.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you must be able to persuade potential customers to click on your link.

You have to get your story straight and be persuasive enough to make them take the next step.

This is where the skill seems to lie.

I know this because I have been trying to make money with affiliate marketing for a few months now.

I have spent money on ClickFunnels, (Ouch), and ClickMagic (Nice), but these didn’t make any difference to my click through rate.

After I had max out my Amex card, I realised that I just cannot afford to pay-out for systems when I am getting no return on investment.

I would very strongly advise you NOT to spend money on link tracking until you start to see real conversions

I know this is contrary to what you have been told up to now, but it makes sense to learn to drive before you buy a car right?

So want do you suggest big mouth?

I as a great man once said, scarcity is a great innovator.

I decided that all the information I need to see at the beginning is whether my links get clicked if they are converting.

I hope you see that’s all you are really interested in the beginning.
You need to know how to the basics to work before you setup a sophisticated 9 step funnel with sell ups.

I have two suggestions for how you can track your links for free.

If you have WordPress website.

Use the Redirect plugin to create your advertised link. Install the Redirect plugin (You can learn how to install plugins everywhere else).

Setup your affiliate link In a 301 redirect under Dashboard -> Tools -> Redirect.

(You must add the proceeding slash with this method).

Copy the link with right as usual.

And append it to your web site url. e.g.
Now you can advertise your link using your url:, This redirect will sends the visitor to the vendor page with my affiliate link, just like Click Magick.

What about tracking.

You get basic tracking information right within the Plugin.

"But I need more information than this".

The great thing about using a WordPress site is that you have probably already installed Yoast and configured Bing and Google Search console.
(If not do so now).

(You can learn how to set up Google and Bing Analytics at measure school

Now you can find all the data you want in GA and BING.


If you are not running a WordPress on you website you can use the raw php 301 redirect command as long as you have ssh access (or ftp – not recommended) to your server.
  • Create a file using a name that makes sense in the Webroot of your server.
  • Create a file using a name that makes sense in the Webroot of your server.
    e.g cleaver.php
  • open the file and type in the code here:
    • Login to Bing then and get the analytics code.
    • Insert this code after the first head tag
    • Get search console code for bing and Google and insert this in the body tag
    • Replace the url with your own affiliate link
    Now you append the file name to your website address. e.g.
    This will redirect visitors to your affiliate page as usual and you will find useful analytics in Bing and Google consoles.

    (You can send me $249 for the tip if you feel you must spend your money.  

    Paypal address: [email protected]


    Seriously though, give this a try and save yourself a small fortune.

    Please feel leave a comment of or questions below. You can also discuss this in the affiliate marketing group on Facebook.

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