We Use DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is among the most advanced Cloud Hosting in the world today. I have been using DigitalOcean for a while for hosting my client’s websites. The DigitalOcean Dashboard has one of the simplest GUI inferfaces that I have used in years, and for my business I find simplicity saves time and makes money. What are the benefits?
  • Fast Server Setup.
  • Multiple Operating Systems.
  • One Click Installs.
  • Downloadable Droplets.
  • Choice of Static or Floating IP’s.
  • Private Networking
The DigitalOcean dashboard contains all the controls you’ll need in a simple menu which makes it easy to use so even a beginer can setup a server in a few minutes. So, it’s fast for you to set up a network of Servers with Firewall protection and a LoadBalancer. You can of course add volumes and spaces where required. You can also create automatic backups and snapshot in an instant. Aside from being one of the most advanced Cloud Hosting businesses in the World, the pricing is also pretty good. You can create a server with a shared CPU and 25GB of SSD storage at $5 per month, up and ready to serve your business needs in seconds. Features. User firewall, load balancer, automatic backup, snapshots, spaces, operating system include, CentOs, Fedors, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Debian, One-click install of popular sofware including Docker, LAMP Staacks, Nodejs, Ghost, MySQL , Ruby-on-rails,  Django and custom images.

CPU Optimized Droplets

Standard droplets from just $10.00pm. Powerful servers Core images CPUs’ upto 64 GB,  32 vCPUs, 400 GB, 9 TB per month. Move your operations to DigitalOcean today. About DigitalOcean hosting company